Social Media Crisis –Its Management via Dashboards

Social Media Crisis:

Social media crisis is common now-a-days with us. We all face online charges and some of these have a long lasting and a negative impact on our brand’s reputation. This crisis may go viral very quickly, within a short time interval and most of the time it is unpredictable. If it is not responded punctually, in a proper manner, the crisis would keep a long lasting negative impact of the brand, its reputation and also bottom line.

Crisis Management:

One of the method of Social media crisis management is pre crisis planning. These crisis managers have to deal with little problems each and every day. They might include unpleasant comments, delivery issues, complaining customers, etc. – all these comes frequently and need to be responded quickly and with a reasonable solution. Social media dashboards are required for the online protection of the brand, its reputation and fame.

Social Media Dashboards:

The work of a social media manager can be made easier by a social media dashboard. It interacts with the customers, keeps tracking of the timeline of the crisis and also informs what the customers are talking about the crisis management. Social media moderation involves listening, deciding and responding to all of the social sites related to the company be it brand’s Facebook page or a community forum.

Customers are connecting to and also sharing contents in the social sites regularly, so, the brand should have the ability to crosscheck and save the audience from various hostile agents. The social media moderating services are designed for handling a large-scale response or a multi-language brand. It ensures complete brand protection so that we can keep faith and get focused on a bigger deal.

The social media moderators include 24X7 global coverage including all languages and country combinations of the social sites of the brand. The moderation services are designed by software to handle large volume customer generated content across all social media sites in a short time. It also provides market trends and even shifts to keep the brand ahead of the market competition. It includes online conversation with the customers, brand advocates and others with agent support to keep the conversation undisturbed. It alerts the brand about the ongoing market crisis and thus saves the brand from any kind of negative impression.

The online reputations are monitored by the social media dashboards. The online conversations are increasing day to day, customers sharing their views in various online channels. The social media dashboards help the companies to meet these challenges with the supports of a well-developed moderation method.


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