Emergence of Social Media Dashboards

From last decade, social media networks have become extremely popular. Due to which, people have become more interactive than ever. People have started communicating with each other through these social media networks.

People have started interacting with each other through various social media websites. Among them few renowned social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn. The main motto of these social media websites is same to interact and to share information with each other but the way is different for different websites.

For business owners, these social media websites have become very beneficial for marketing the products. They are using these websites to promote their products. With the help of these social media websites, business owners can reach millions of people. But it becomes very difficult for them to manage and monitor different profiles on social media websites.

Therefore, to solve this issue of managing several social media profiles, a tool known as social media dashboard has been developed. This is a versatile tool that allows to handle all the social media profiles from one window. Social media moderation increases productivity of any business as it becomes easy for people to handle the profiles from one window.

Some of the best known social media dashboards prevailing these days are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout social, Sensible etc.  All these social media dashboards serve the same purpose but differ in features and price. One can choose from vast number of social media dashboards according to their business needs.

Social media dashboards have solved the problem of dealing with so many profiles. But one should carefully look at all the features before purchasing. Most important feature of social media dashboard is that it should be easy to use. Make sure that social media dashboard you choose for your business should not be cumbersome. You should always choose one that supports all the platforms you use. Additionally, choose one with simple layout and that makes things easy to manage.

Keep these points in mind while purchasing social media dashboard. A good social media dashboard can make your marketing activities hassle-free. So, take your decision wisely. Good Luck.


Need for a social Media Management company

As someone said “When it comes to the nuanced world of social media, it’s tough to stay on top of the avalanche of new ideas. Bringing a social media management company on board is the only “best practice” you need to know!”

Contemporary business owners are well aware of the need and importance of social media presence but do not necessarily engage it to their advantage. Most of them are running short of time, understandably so, to engage in social media platforms effectively. Many times they are not very adept with best practices on all the different channels and are not very comfortable at tweeting or updates. For them, traditional print or TV advertisements seem much less easy and hassle-free. Social media management companies are an answer to this piquant scenario. They can help your business shine. Engaging the services of a team of experts who live and breathe social media is an answer to this dilemma. Well abreast in the latest dos and don’ts of the multi social channels, they take away your headache help you in avoiding the frustration. You are left to concentrate on your core business while they manage your social accounts. Outsourcing social media is a game-changer for the CEOs and captains of the industry!

Sieveconnect is a leading social media crisis management dashboard offering best solutions and services for Reputation Monitoring and Customer Engagement. We help you in getting web traffic as it is the mantra for getting online success. Sieve Connect provides solutions for Public Relations, Marketing, And Sales and Customer Support. Our best services include Live Agent Reputation Monitoring, Omni Channel Listening, Social Media moderation, and customer engagement.

We understand that different businesses need different solutions. Sieve connect is designed to meet with flexibility specific functional requirements. Our social listening tools are perfected for most effective social media moderation.

Social Media Crisis –Its Management via Dashboards

Social Media Crisis:

Social media crisis is common now-a-days with us. We all face online charges and some of these have a long lasting and a negative impact on our brand’s reputation. This crisis may go viral very quickly, within a short time interval and most of the time it is unpredictable. If it is not responded punctually, in a proper manner, the crisis would keep a long lasting negative impact of the brand, its reputation and also bottom line.

Crisis Management:

One of the method of Social media crisis management is pre crisis planning. These crisis managers have to deal with little problems each and every day. They might include unpleasant comments, delivery issues, complaining customers, etc. – all these comes frequently and need to be responded quickly and with a reasonable solution. Social media dashboards are required for the online protection of the brand, its reputation and fame.

Social Media Dashboards:

The work of a social media manager can be made easier by a social media dashboard. It interacts with the customers, keeps tracking of the timeline of the crisis and also informs what the customers are talking about the crisis management. Social media moderation involves listening, deciding and responding to all of the social sites related to the company be it brand’s Facebook page or a community forum.

Customers are connecting to and also sharing contents in the social sites regularly, so, the brand should have the ability to crosscheck and save the audience from various hostile agents. The social media moderating services are designed for handling a large-scale response or a multi-language brand. It ensures complete brand protection so that we can keep faith and get focused on a bigger deal.

The social media moderators include 24X7 global coverage including all languages and country combinations of the social sites of the brand. The moderation services are designed by software to handle large volume customer generated content across all social media sites in a short time. It also provides market trends and even shifts to keep the brand ahead of the market competition. It includes online conversation with the customers, brand advocates and others with agent support to keep the conversation undisturbed. It alerts the brand about the ongoing market crisis and thus saves the brand from any kind of negative impression.

The online reputations are monitored by the social media dashboards. The online conversations are increasing day to day, customers sharing their views in various online channels. The social media dashboards help the companies to meet these challenges with the supports of a well-developed moderation method.

Why Online Reputation Monitoring Is Necessary

Whether you are an individual or a business organization, this is mandatory for you to take care of your online reputation. It can be understood that online reputation of a business is important to be monitored since dissatisfied customers might post negative reviews that can be harmful for the business. However, how the online reputation of an individual can be at risk? I make you understand – the internet is a free public platform that provides complete freedom of speech to every individual. Some people use this platform for constructive purposes and some for destructive purposes. For some this is a great source to take their revenge. They post such negative things that can cause big embarrassment for their target.

By now, you must have understood why online reputation monitoring is important for individuals as well. However, the big question is here how you can monitor the content about you on the web. See, you can monitor the content on Google by checking your name, but this would not be an assurance for you that nothing negative is causing harm to your reputation on the web. In addition to Google monitoring, you need to keep eyes on social media networking sites as well. Doing this is not possible for an individual. You will need professional reputation management monitoring services. Therefore, whether you are an individual or a business organization, if you can be targeted on the web, this is important for you to hire professional reputation monitoring company.

When it comes to the selection of reputation management monitoring services, you cannot compromise on quality. You need to select the best service provider. How can you make the best selection? Google can do a great favor to you in this regard. On Google, you can search for the best online reputation monitoring services provider. If you do not want to waste your time in search, contact Sieve Connect. This company is recognized amongst the best online reputation monitoring companies in the market. It has been doing this successfully for many individuals and organizations and helping them avoid any damages that negative publicity about them can do to them.